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KaRu Lures

We took a lure that bass fishing enthusiasts have been using for decades and bumped it up to the next level of performance. Taking two of the most important factors in attracting fish, VIBRATION and FLASH, the new VibraSpin encompasses both of these key elements.

The VibraSpin will come in two distinct sizes.

* The first, size#1,is designed to fish over shallow weed and grass beds and can also be fished deeper (3'-4') by giving the lure the standard countdown prior to reeling. (Counting it down approximately one foot per second, and then beginning your retrieve).

* The second design, size#2, is a key lure for deeper presentations (4'-8'). This size is most likely to be used along deeper outside weed edges and submerged timber. Again using the standard countdown method to achieve these depth ranges.   $5.99 apiece

Blue Back Herring

Blue Shimmer Cotton Candy

Blue Shimmer




Blue Terror

Black Cherry


Crigger Craw

Extreme Bluegill

Fogy Green

Lake Fork Barfish

OC Shadadelic

Orange Craw

KaRu Special Brown


Purple Haze

Electric Pumpkin

Black Neon


Mississippi River Magic